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2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited US Version

The new Jeep Wrangler ® range of surprise drivers and off-road enthusiasts when it was launched in 2007. Jeep ® has managed to retain the classic "tough" look and feel without letting the new car extreme compromising the ability of its off-road on-road dynamics or its role as an everyday family car comfortable.

The Jeep ® Wrangler two-door and long wheelbase four-door Jeep ® Wrangler Unlimited range starts from just £ 18 595. With a fuel economy of nearly 30 miles per gallon plus the option of an automatic and a convertible unit, which really makes the new Wrangler line stand out.

Simon Elliott, Managing Director of Chrysler UK, said: "The new model was an important step in the old car because it offers a diesel engine for the first time, a choice of two doors, four-door models, the best performance in road, reducing noise levels, a number of safety features and a new home with unlimited space in the model for five adults and their luggage. "

Based on the successful, original Jeep ® composition of a new frame, new exterior and totally refreshed interior and new engines, and standard ESP brake traction control on all the latest Jeep ® Wrangler delivers more capability and on-road refinement without losing what makes the 'Jeep ®.

The Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited both offer removable full-framed doors and fold-down windshield with a removable hardtop, which provides more opportunities for open-top driving. High Freedom ™ is a modular hardtop and features three separate parts left and right front passenger panels may be removed and stored in the vehicle with a rear end that can be removed separately.
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2011 Jeep Compass

Provides unsurpassed fuel economy and 4x4 off-road capability in the compact SUV segment, the new 2011 Jeep Compass has a fantastic new sophisticated design with cues directly from the icon brand premium, the new Jeep Grand Cherokee .

Along with a multitude of interior refinement and improved ride and handling characteristics in all conditions - courtesy of improved handling and suspension systems - the new Jeep Compass offers a unique blend of high-end style, capacity, efficiency and value that is unmatched in the compact SUV segment.

"With the new Jeep Compass 2011, applied the superior design of our award-winning rates new Grand Cherokee," said Mike Manley, president and CEO -. Jeep, Chrysler Group LLC "combined with a new interior and improved suspension and steering systems, the Jeep Compass offers consumers the perfect combination of design, functionality, fuel economy, efficiency, safety and value the important compact SUV segment. "

Results in the packaging and interior flexibility of an SUV with the performance, handling, fuel economy and price of a compact car, the new 2011 Jeep Compass also offers more than 30 safety features, such as the standard half-airbags down, the electronic stability program (ESC), Electronic Roll Mitigation, Hill-Start Assist (manual transmission), side curtain airbags for all rows and available front seat-mounted side airbags.

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1945 Jeep CJ-2A

The first civilian Jeep vehicle, the CJ-2A, was produced in 1945. Jeep Willys advertisements marketed as a work vehicle for farmers and construction workers. It came with a tailgate, side spare tire, the more lights, an external fuel cap and many more items that its military predecessors did not understand.

CJ-2A was completed in four years, and in 1948 the CJ-3A was introduced. It was very similar to the previous model but featured a windshield in one piece, and kept the original L-head four-cylinder engine.

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1943 Jeep Willys MB

With modifications and improvements have been Willys Quad MA, and later the MB. But the army, and the world came to know as the Jeep ®.

Some have argued that the name comes from the slurring of the letters "GP" military acronym for "General Purpose". Others say that the vehicle was named after a popular character named "Eugene the Jeep" in the Popeye cartoon. Whatever its origin, the name entered the American lexicon, and for a while, almost like a generic title for off-road vehicle was used, while the Jeep became an icon of the war.

The Willys MA had a shifter on the steering column, just cut side of the body, two circular instrument clusters on the dashboard, and a hand brake on the left side. Willys struggled to reduce the weight of the specification of the new army 2160 pounds. Items removed from Massachusetts to achieve this were presented on the next generation of MB resulting in a final weight of only about 400 lbs. specifications.

Willys-Overland would build more than 368 000 vehicles, and Ford, under license, about 277 000 of the U.S. Army. Robust and reliable olive-gray vehicle would be forever known to contribute to winning World War II.

Marks the Willys "Jeep" name after the war and planned to turn the vehicle into an all-terrain utility vehicle on the farm - the civilian Jeep Universal. One of the slogans of Willys "at the time was" the sun never sets on the Mighty Jeep, "and the company is to ensure Willys recognized worldwide as the creator of the vehicle.
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1941 Jeep Willys MA

With modifications and improvements, the Willys Quad became the MA, and later the MB. But the army, and the world became known as the Jeep ®.

Some have argued that the name was slurring the letters "GP", an acronym for the military, "General Purpose". Others say that the vehicle has been designated as a popular character named "Eugene the Jeep" in the Popeye comic strip. Regardless of its origin, the name became the American dictionary, and for some time, it was almost as common name, and SUVs, the Jeep itself became an icon of the war.

The Willys MA had a shifter on the steering column, just cut side of the body, two circular instrument clusters on the dashboard, and a hand brake on the left side. Willys struggled to reduce the weight of the specification of the new army 2160 pounds. Items removed from Massachusetts to achieve this were presented on the next generation of MB resulting in a final weight of only about 400 lbs. specifications.

Willys-Overland would build more than 368,000 cars and Ford, under license, some 277,000, the U.S. Army. The sturdy, reliable vehicles olive sad would forever known to help win a world war.

Marks the Willys "Jeep" name after the war and planned to turn the vehicle into an all-terrain utility vehicle on the farm - the civilian Jeep Universal. One of the slogans of Willys "at the time was" the sun never sets on the Mighty Jeep, "and the company is to ensure Willys recognized worldwide as the creator of the vehicle.
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2012 Lotus Elise Club Racer

All homes misconception that Lotus can get away from the performance by the lightness only need to take a quick tour of the new Lotus Elise 1.6 Club Racer said it is absolutely not the case. The engineers at Lotus to put even more brilliant light of modern cars Lotus on a diet and managed to throw more than 24 pounds.

So how Lotus have managed to make it one of the lightest on the market even easier? The engineers behind Lotus Elise Club Racer has adopted a stripped-to-the-bare-bones visualized by body-colored squares, but materialized in many ways such as sports car battery light and deletion derivatives of the noise insulation . Attention to detail has ensured that the passion of the Lotus "for performance through light weight have been translated into the car.

For the first time a variant Elise comes with a sport mode for DPM (Dynamic Performance Management) that allows even less experienced drivers of sports cars to feel on top of their game, while the ability to turn it off completely would If you like the most established track-oriented drivers. DPM agility combined with courtesy of Lotus sports suspension fine-tuned and adjustable anti-roll bar Club Racer Lotus Elise will be as versatile for both road and fun on tour.
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2010 Lotus Evora Carbon Concept

Lotus Evora carbon concept car Lotus Motorsport focuses on pedigree, using fine quality materials with carbon fiber and Alcantara exposed bear. The concept car is finished in white water pearlesent amazing paint edge in contrast to the exquisite finish of the fabric of carbon fiber panels.

Turning the head in the car Lotus Evora carbon concept offers a more central position with the car stuck looking for lower and more aggressive. This approach continues with a structure style carbon fiber roof, Lotus Motorsport influence of carbon diffuser division. Lotus Evora carbon concept car retains control of the class itself and leads bonded high-tech and extruded aluminum chassis of the car production.

The furniture Lotus Evora Carbon Concept car combines the charm of the carbon discs perforated leather and Alcantara Matt. Custom design uses a series of rich black Alcantara covering space of the legs, the dashboard and the roof. Soft texture of leather and Alcantara surfaces are juxtaposed with carbon fiber is difficult to provide a satisfying sensory experience.

Lotus Evora Carbon Concept car cut diamond has forged 19 "alloy wheels and rear, shod with Pirelli P-Zero Corsa (235/35 front and 285/30 rear end off.) Wheels and tires offer real presence Lotus Evora fills the wheel arches and give the car a look of concentration.

Donato Coco, director of Lotus Design said: "The design of the Lotus Evora Carbon Concept Car features exotic, high-tech materials that provide a good synergy with the image of Lotus, to express our heritage and history Motorsport elegant sports cars such as Lotus is known. "
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2010 Lotus Evora

The first all new Lotus Elise from the iconic made his debut in 1995, Lotus Evora enters the sports car market as currently the world until mid-engine 2 +2. Powered by a Lotus-tuned 3.5-liter V6 produces 280 hp and weighing only 1,350 kg, the Lotus Evora promises breathtaking performance. During preliminary testing around the famous Nürburgring, the Lotus chassis engineers report that it is extremely agile and great fun to drive - even when dressed in the costume complete development hid the beautiful lines of the lever engine paparazzi industry.

In addition to excellent performance and exemplary handling, the Lotus Evora offers a more precise properties of Lotus existing smaller four-cylinder models. The interior is elegant and elegantly trimmed his list is the capability of modern equipment, such as the advanced touch screen multimedia system and power door mirrors sometimes.

As one of the roles of the Lotus Evora is to attract new customers to the Lotus brand, much attention has been paid to its ease of use. Doors open wider, taller and narrower sills make entry and exit from the cab less athletic undertaking than it is the Lotus is a small sports cars (Elise, Exige, Europa and 2-Eleven), while the design of the same cabin can accommodate two 99th percentile (6 ft 5in tall) American men in the front seats.
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2010 Lotus Esprit Concept

The style echoes Lotus Esprit performance with strong lines in the thin low body weight. Symmetry in the mass and the proportion of the Lotus Esprit give an intense gaze, he is the perfect example of the new Lotus DNA in action.

Lotus Esprit is more than evolution is a redefinition.

Lotus Esprit specification

Layout: 2-seat mid-engine, rear wheel drive

Engine: Gasoline, hybrid option

Hybrid Technology: KERS optional

Cylinders: V8

Capacity: 5.0 liters

Power / torque: 620 hp / 720 Nm

Limit speed: 8,500 rpm

0-100 km / h: 3.4 seconds

Maximum speed: 330 kmh

CO2/km: 250 g / km (with hybrid technology as an option)

Weight: 1.450 kg

Seats: 2

Transmission: 7 speed DCT

Drivetrain: RWD

Start of production: the end of 2012

Enters the market: Spring 2013

Price information: about £ 110 000
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2010 Lotus Elite Concept

So here is the Lotus Elite, a taste of what the future of Lotus in the future. Search in the dictionary and you'll find an elegant variation on the following 1 Grace dignified in appearance, movement, or behavior, 2 very elegant design, styles, and 3 something stylish, the ultimate sophistication.

The revolutionary new Lotus Elite is exactly that. It is compact and stylish elegance incarnate. It is not just an exquisite elegance, in harmony with the fundamental values ​​of Lotus is a car of substance that incorporates some of the latest technological innovations Lotus has to offer. The slick retractable hardtop version and the optional use of hybrid technology with KERS, are typical examples of Lotus adapt the technology to deliver perfect performance.

Dany Bahar, CEO of Group Lotus, said. "There is no denying that the Lotus Elite is a beauty to see, but is much more than that, is a car that offers much more than all other aspects so one could say it is a perfect contradiction car is compact and spacious, high performance, low emission, light yet reassuringly strong. It's a car we are especially proud of Lotus, and we truly believe that there is nothing, as there is so much in terms of style and performance.
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2010 Lotus Elise Concept

"The 2015 Lotus Elise design is perfect for the target market is young, strong, safe, close to godliness, which reflects the engineering and technology. This is the next-generation Elise to a new generation driver lotus."

Fear not, despite the dramatic improvements in the 2015 Lotus Elise has lost none of its charm is famous mischievous two seats sports car, it still maintains performance through light and handles like a dream - although very aggressive and exciting dream. With an in-line engine of 2.0 liters of pressure delivers up to four charged 320 hp, the Lotus Elise 2015 should reach 0-100kph in under 4.5 seconds.

The Lotus Elise 2015, showing great things come to those who wait.

Lotus Elise Specifications

Layout: 2-seat mid-engine, rear wheel drive

Engine: Diesel with the option to start / stop

Hybrid Technology: mild hybrid, ie, technology Start / Stop

Cylinders: 4

Capacity: 2.0 liters

Power / torque: 320 Nm hp / 330

Rev limit: 7,800 rpm

0-100 km / h: 4.3 seconds

Maximum speed: 270 kmh

Ca CO2 (g CO2/km): 150 g / km (with the new technology)

Weight: 1.095 kg

Seating: 2

Transmission: manual 6-speed DCT option

Drive: RWD

Production start: Early 2015

Enter the market: Spring 2015

Target price: Around £ 35,000
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2010 Lotus Elise Club Racer

Debuting in the 2009 IAA in Frankfurt, Special Edition Lotus Elise Racing Club launches new colors and exclusive, the interior pieces and all the light components in a world class, high performance and low-emission sports car .

Lotus took four classic colors used by Lotus in 1960 (Elite yellow, charcoal gray, blue and white Old English) and combined them with features exclusive Club corridor interior design to give a pretty impressive athletic function changes and form.

The company and support Lotus Elise seats are covered with lightweight microfiber pillows perfectly positioned to provide the right amount of support with minimal weight but still keep the body partially exposed hull color.

Theme color bin has been transferred to the transmission tunnel, and combined with silver and black paint highlights bisecting the taxi, and tie together all the sporty theme of the unique Lotus Elise Club Racer.

Other unique design features of the Lotus Elise Club Racer is anodized charcoal gray gear knob and handbrake sleeve, the Club Racer (CR) logo embroidered seat headrests and a single floor in anodized aluminum guide and the footwell passenger. Small 320 mm rimmed leather steering wheel is a central indicator, which allows more drivers Spirits safely and quickly identify the location of the front wheels forward.
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2010 Lotus Elan Concept

As the old saying goes, you can not write the cake and eat it too. Previously, we have been trained to believe that you can have it all. But it was over. The guide now takes longer and produces a Lotus Elan.

The Lotus Elan is the heart of the new Lotus line-up. This is a sports car, of course, is a Lotus after all, but thanks to some clever innovations of the Lotus Elan everyday use as well.

With a 2 +2 variant, the Lotus Elan is the only car you need.

Output in the second half of 2013, the Lotus Elan has 4.0-liter V6 engine with a supercharger can produce up to 450 horsepower, and considering its relatively light weight 1295 kg, the performance of the edges of a Lotus Elan super car.

From the point of view of style, the Lotus Elan is built like an athlete with a muscular physique and perfectly balanced. It's a thoroughbred, with a voltage stiff, ambitious and exciting, but nothing better in class enough for this car.

It is not enough simply to provide exceptional performance and appearance, innovation is also an integral part called Lotus Elan. With another new area of ​​the Lotus Elan has an option with the KERS hybrid technology.

Dany Bahar, CEO of Group Lotus, said: "If ever there was a car to get you to ride The Long Way Home, Lotus Elan is perfect for road and rail, Lotus Elan, not only all tick boxes. it creates a new also. "

"Elan to convert people to Lotus, I would like to challenge people to not become dependent on non-resilient will also go a long way toward dispelling the old misconceptions about this class, that to be effective you have to sacrifice usability -.. Those days are gone "

"When you drive Elan looks back, gives you things you do not even realize that was missing - is the core Lotus Elan, and perfectly captures the spirit."

A car, a zero commitment.

Specifying Lotus Elan

Layout: 2 persons (optional 2 +2), mid-engine, rear wheel drive

Engine: Gasoline, hybrid option

Hybrid Technology: KERS optional

Cylinders: V6

Capacity: 4.0 liters

Power / torque: 450 hp / 465 Nm

Rev Limit: 7800 rpm

0-100 km / h: 3.5 seconds

Maximum speed: 310 kmh

CO2/km: 199 g / km (using the hybrid option)

Weight: 1.295 kg

Seats: 2

Transmission: 7-speed DCT

Drivetrain: RWD

Start of production: Summer 2013

Enters the market in the fall of 2013

Price indication: approximately £ 75 000
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2008 KTM X-Bow

An aggressive design and sporty potential: the KTM X-Bow is not only a milestone in the KTM brand more than 50 years of history, is also a reference to the chapter a small segment, but the elite radical, lightweight sports car. This exceptional situation is the result of the concept: for their first car, KTM uses the best materials, high technology and know-how are respected development partners such as Audi and Dallara. The result is a street-homologated sports car with racing technology, as cutting-edge carbon fiber monocoque. Thanks for the basic version is a lightweight, 177 kW (240 hp) Audi TFSI engine, the performance values ​​of the KTM X-Bow Super Sport car exceeds more than twice the power: with a deadweight of approx. 700 kg, KTM X-Bow accelerates to 100 mph just 3.9 seconds.

But the KTM X-Bow is not just a racing machine, even if it is going to accomplish spectacular performance feats on racing circuits. With its modern technologies and exceptional solutions, it is much more oriented towards sporty drivers who seek a purist driving experience. PDAs and comfort above features now standard, the X-Bow offers an unfiltered adventure - aided by its standalone wheels in the style of single-seater racing cars, technology and the concept of reduced transparency of the car, say the roof, doors or windscreen. The sports car is only 70 mm, transparent deflector. With all these unique features, driving the KTM X-Bow becomes an experience with an immediacy that otherwise can not be felt when riding a motorcycle.

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KTM X-Bow Race

Motorsport is very important for KTM, as indicated by the "company motto Ready to Race". Therefore logical that at the time that plans for the series production development, KTM intended to run the X-Bow competitively on the track. Together with Dallara, KTM has developed its own racing version, with cars running in the GT4 European Cup by German race team, Reiter Engineering. The decision by KTM to place the first race of the X-Bow in the hands of Reiter, rather than enter the championship with an in-house, a factory-run operation, KTM can use the GT4 entry of a pilot project to "power" the development of future applications of motorsport customers, and the production model.

While the production road car, KTM has taken advantage of a broad competence in the world-famous Italian rider Loris Bicocchi racing KTM X-Bow racing development. It 'been heavily involved in the program from the beginning of the X-Bow test driver and played an important role in its chassis and dynamics tuning. Biccochi motor sports experience in testing, development and racing of many of the world's most prestigious supercars - including the Koenigsegg CCR and the Bugatti Veyron.

In retrospect, KTM can say that the X-Bow saw the date on the track. Although designed for the road car, racing DNA is at its core and motorsport was a logical step. Together with an expert team Reiter Engineering GT, KTM soon found the GT4 European Cup by Stephane Ratel and manages SRO ideal racing series of the X-Bow. Sports Racing Light category, KTM, and met with opponents of the Lotus Donkervoort, but the KTM X-Bow also took a team of huge fort in the primary GT4 European Cup Series, with their Aston Martin N24, the BMW Z4 M Ford Mustang and Nissan 350Z.
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2010 Alfa Romeo 159 1750 TBi

The 2009 Geneva Motor Show, Alfa Romeo has introduced a number of important changes in the planned relaunch of the brand on the world stage. The main character is a new event in the Alfa Romeo 159 (sedan and Sportwagon). The new 159 is designed to give the sport more appealing personality, and offers maintenance and performance that sets new standards in this vehicle class. Two new engines, in particular, (200 hp, 1750 cc diesel turbo and 170 bhp 2.0 JTDM diesel) Alfa Romeo 159 in place firmly in the K-intensive segment of the market area which is more than half the sales of Alfa Romeo.

In their fascinating and highly personal exterior, all Alfa Romeo offers a large selection of engines, all packed with the latest technology and burst performance. Alfa Romeo engines are the perfect embodiment of a sporting soul that has always set the brand apart from the competition. Alfa Romeo 159 is certainly no exception. From April 2009, the new 159 will be available with a brand new engine: an engine of 1750 cc turbocharged gasoline that meets Euro 5 standards and develops 200 hp between 4750 and 5500 rpm with 320 Nm at just 1400 rpm.

The new engine of 1,750 cc turbo petrol (produced by FPT - Fiat Powertrain Technologies) is combined with a six-speed manual transmission and has lighting control solutions, including direct fuel injection, variable two units of the continuous calibration a turbocharger and an analysis of the revolutionary control system. The resulting performance is comparable to - or better than - that of many 3-liter engine, while offering the fuel consumption of a typical four-cylinder compact.

The force behind the development of an Alfa Romeo engine is the determination of the company to use technology to enhance the pleasure of driving. This certainly applies to the development of the new Euro 5, "1750 Turbo Benzina 200 CV", the unit immediately to the Alfa Romeo 159 and later for the Alfa Romeo Brera, Spider and 159 Sportwagon.

This engine takes the Alfa Romeo 159, a sophisticated Italian style and elegance of a typical sports an impressive top speed of 235 mph and accelerates from 0-100 km's per hour just 7.7 seconds. 200 hp Alfa Romeo 159 1750 TBi is therefore a true representative of the unique lifestyle motoring Alpha. Far from being a mere "means of transport", the new 159 is a real car driver. It produces a real acceleration through sport and muscular with a smooth response and generous torque at low engine speeds and extended range of modern power, advanced gasoline engine that minimizes your need for change "work." Engine sound is never too excited to become boring.
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2010 Alfa Romeo MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde

The world premiere of the Quadrifoglio Verde Alfa Romeo MiTo 170 hp 1.4 MultiAir TBi place at the IAA 2009. The exclusive trim back a mythical symbol over the years has appeared on some of the Alfa Romeo sports. Have always been synonymous with wealth, race and win, "Quadrifoglio Verde" (quartet) now represents a new form of sportiness that combines maximum driving pleasure with better properties of the environment.

Having the Quadrifoglio Verde Alfa Romeo MiTo is the car the most powerful 170 hp MultiAir and innovative solutions that improve the existing quality of the model: hold, agility, active safety and handling are enhanced by an engine with one of the largest power values specific world and a chassis with features unthinkable for a car of this class.

This engine is the best feature is its excellent weight / power ratio, which has always been one of the key success factors for Alfa Romeo on road and track. The ratio of first class, 6.7 kg / hp is almost 10 percent better than the already excellent performance of the current 155 hp 1.4 TBI. At 124 hp / liter, this engine is also a world leader in special effects. In fact, the highest value ever recorded for a car Alfa confirms the excellent engineering heritage of the Alfa Romeo MiTo.

This is a very important value because it demonstrates the effectiveness of staff reductions, for the production of high-tech engine to improve performance combined with a significant reduction in fuel consumption and emissions. In fact, this last area, which provides evidence of the technical level reached more surprising: 4.8 l/100 km and 139 g / km of CO2 (extra-urban cycle) are closer than they expect from an economy car of a compact sports car that goes from 0 to 100 km / h in just over 7 seconds.
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