Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2012 Pagani Huayra

The eternity of the element air. Soft and stylish, but the wind can erode even the hardest materials birth to distinctive forms known in the wild. Sleek and muscular Pagani Huayra merges past, present and future in a timeless interpretation of the art car.

The style of the car has been improved over the five years to find each line of the start and end. During this investigation, eight models created, and two models 1:01, each a little further development of the past in an endless quest to perfect the shape and refining of the substance.
Bi-xenon headlights are just one of many precious gifts of the Zonda R, and LED daytime running lights are completely integrated into the elliptical shape of the design. The rear bumper is integrated with the station and is dominated by an elliptical structure around the central four exhaust outlets, is becoming a feature of Pagani.


Plants in the new unibody Huayra Pagani is a completely new carbontitanium. However, with the butterfly doors gash on the roof, the research has focused on achieving high levels of rigidity in the application of new advanced composite materials and technologies of the first test of the Zonda R. The fuel tank is located entirely within the protected zone of the monocoque, behind the driver, reinforced safety cell in different composite materials and ballistics. Front and rear sub-frame provides exceptional strength to weight CrMo to allow the suspension to work at its best, while incorporating an advanced crash structure absorbs energy, ready to protect occupants in the unlikely event of an impact .

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

2010 Mercury Milan

Mercury Milan is built on a solid foundation of quality and reliability, increasing the mix for 2010 model year, a brand new hybrid model, more fuel efficient gasoline engines, class-exclusive technologies and a more accurate, sophisticated design.

"Milan has been an important part of the Mercury range since the initial launch and helped to attract more consumers to dealers," said John Felice, general manager of Ford, Lincoln Mercury Marketing. "For consumers looking for sophisticated hybrid elegant, Mercury Milan now gives them more fuel efficient hybrid sedan in its class."

Chief designer Darrell Behmer and his team had the advantage of working from a vehicle that has been welcomed by consumers and consumer groups. "Our approach was to build on the strengths of Milan - to improve, rather than reinvent," said Behmer. "In terms of design, we wanted to clarify the design, making it cleaner and more modern."

The exterior design changes focused on the grill, fenders, hood, fascias and front and rear. The chin is pushed forward and the fascia has been knocked down to give the 2010 Mercury Milan more sporty look. These changes and the important work of the floor cleaner, the car more aerodynamic.

With all models, the team created interior design more modern look with metallic finish technique on the new dashboard, bringing through the center console, doors and steering wheel. The new dashboard is finished with smooth skin and upper and lower plastic much softer than its Japanese competitors. A new design leather-wrapped steering wheel with a palm swell tight fit, and the lever again, and packed and padded armrests were added, increasing the sportiness of Milan and comfort to all the key points of the strength of contact.

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2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid

For the 2010 model year, Mercury Milan adds a new hybrid model. Ford Fusion Hybrid and Mercury Milan Hybrid join the Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner hybrids, doubling the size and scope of the range Ford hybrid.

"Providing consumers with choices of more fuel efficient vehicles, including improving and expanding our offering of hybrid vehicles and improve our high volume of petrol engines, is part of Ford's broad plan to provide technology solutions for the fuel economy and affordable for millions, "said Derrick Kuzak, Ford group vice president of Global Product Development.

"The new Ford Fusion Hybrid and Mercury Milan Hybrid, we are now able to offer even better number to reach the highest speed of battery charge, thanks to more efficient, the transition between the battery motor and gasoline engine," he said. "These new hybrids exceed expectations on all fronts - fuel efficiency, comfort, convenience and driveability."
Ford team has developed a hybrid powertrain, which combines the best of gasoline and battery electric motors provide the best customer experience in terms of driving performance and fuel consumption.
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2010 Porsche Boxster Spyder

With the new Porsche Boxster Spyder, Porsche is introducing a new lighter version of the mid-engine roadster Porsche Boxster at the 2009 Salon in Los Angeles in December, the specification of distinctive style and techniques that represent the true , purest form of the Porsche sports car - easy, powerful, open roofs, and very effective.

This is precisely the formula already used in the creation of the most successful sports and racing cars throughout the history of Porsche, from the legendary Porsche 550 Spyder in 1950 for the RS Spyder Le Mans Prototype car if successful in Motorsports today.
Weight of 1275 kg, the Porsche Boxster Spyder is the lightest of the Porsche line-up, and continue this philosophy in a comprehensive package provides a clear road approval, which is a common desire to Porsche customers.

The new model range has become the third version of the Boxster, Boxster and Boxster S, which combines, but it stands out clearly at first sight, other versions are equipped with mid-roadster, simply because the Spyder has been developed primarily for use outdoors. Low, soft light spreads far behind and is intended to protect drivers and passengers in the bright sun, wind and rain. When closed, the soft one measure of extra-low side windows and two unique bulges is a striking piece of the back door, stretched, and has an elegant silhouette reminds Porsche Carrera GT.

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2013 Porsche 911 Carrera

Porsche is proud to present the new Porsche 911 Carrera, a new generation of the iconic coupe was hailed as one of the sports cars of the benchmark since its launch in 1963.

Tradition meets modern

911 Faithful to the tradition, the power of language design and distinctive Porsche exudes elegance. The characteristic shape that draws attention while adding new and interesting details contours precisely designed and a wheelbase 100 mm longer for better stability and more interior space, front and shorter overhangs that keep the 911 low profile was an attribute of time, the sportsmanship is emphasized by the low roofline and a wider track front increases the presence on the road even while increasing the renowned chassis dynamics.
The rear-mounted, flat-six cylinder engine is also part of the identity token 911, and behind the rear axle of the new car is an improved range of powerful engines, effective and evocative "boxer". Porsche 911 Carrera is powered by a new 3.4-liter engine develops 350 hp, and the Carrera S is equipped with a 400 hp version of the familiar 3.8-liter. These new engines offer performance improvements for both models. The 3.4-liter Carrera with PDK accelerates from 0-62 mph in 4.6 seconds, 0.1 seconds faster than the previous model. By pressing the Sport More on cutting optional Sport Chrono Package, 4.4 sec. The 3.8-liter Carrera S with PDK can accelerate from 0 to 62 km / h in 4.3 seconds (4.1 sec Sports Plus), 0.2sec faster than its predecessor.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

2011 Jaguar XKR

Jaguar debut the latest evolution of its supercharged Jaguar XKR coupe spectacular in the Geneva Motor Show 2010. The stunning new Jaguar XKR Special Edition offers a speed of a substantial increase in speed - 174 mph (280 kmh) - and bold exterior design changes that create the ultimate supercharged Jaguar.

The Special Edition Jaguar XKR combines a host of new features and option packages are introduced in the XK range in model year 2011. Jaguar customers have the ability to customize their vehicles based on the current Jaguar XKR package to offer a car that offers more performance without sacrificing the luxury and refinement that Jaguar is recognized throughout.

Introduced in 2009, Jaguar XKR benefits from a state of the art 5.0-liter AJ-V8 Gen III-R compressor engine which delivers 510ps (510bhp SAE), 625 Nm of torque and propels the coupe to 60 miles Timen in just 4.6 seconds. Now, the special edition costume, climbs Jaguar XKR is the top speed considerably electronically limited 155 mph (250 km / h) 174 mph (280 km per hour) with the addition of Speed Pack. Added to this remarkable engine is an advanced six-speed automatic steering wheel paddles, light aluminum body structure and a series of computer-controlled systems, including control active and dynamic adaptive differential, ensuring supercharged car accelerates faster, making more precise and sets new standards for ride and comfort.

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2011 Jaguar XJ Sentinel

The new Jaguar XJ Sentinel offers the ultimate in discreet protection to be virtually indistinguishable from the standard model of the Jaguar XJ, still offers a state of the art armor package that offers residents at levels of B7 ballistic protection.

Enjoy Jaguar Land Rover extensive experience in the market for armored vehicles, Jaguar XJ Sentinel comes with a full year 50,000 miles factory warranty, with complete after sales support technicians.

"The Sentinel Jaguar XJ has been designed and developed in collaboration with industry leaders, and incorporates the latest systems for armored vehicles to offer very impressive levels of protection while maintaining a very discreet," said Mike O'Driscoll, Managing Director Jaguar Cars.
"Jaguar XJ Sentinel is the final armored limousines. It offers governments, security organizations and individuals, the highest level of security, with a cutting-edge design, refined performance and beautifully crafted cabin. Jaguar XJ is a sentinel choice of vehicle for the most demanding, "he added.

Jaguar's engineers determined to ensure that the Jaguar XJ Sentinel retained the feel of real life car series. Based on the XJ long wheelbase, the interior model armored luxury package that maintains its fascinating blend of comfort and agility, and easy to maintain with regular equipment distributor.
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2011 Jaguar XF Black Pack

The great success of Jaguar XF sports sedan is now available in dramatic new design packs for customers who want to make Jaguar even stronger visual impact.

The new Jaguar XF Black unique package provides a greater sense of power and purpose of the line XF coveted and follows closely on the taxiway of a similar option on the XK sports car has attracted great interest since its launch in early 2010.

It comes with threatening dark gray 20-inch alloy wheels Draco turned to diamond, polished black front grille and window surrounds shiny black, the Jaguar XF Black Pack is available for the XF Diesel S, 5-liter normally aspirated petrol models and XFR with prices starting from £ 950
"Black Pack, the XF offers a very unique, very modern and somewhat 'nervous," says Geoff Cousins, UK Managing Director of Jaguar. "As the Black Pack-speed packaging and XKR sports car was launched in 2010 at the Geneva Motor Show in almost half of the XKR coupe buyers opted for one or both options - double the initial estimate - and we look forward to Black Pack generates much enthusiasm among customers of the XF. "

To add exclusivity and maximizing the visual effect, Jaguar XF Black Pack vehicles are described using a particular palette of colors chosen by designers for Jaguar, including Polaris White, blue spectrum, Ultimate Black, Stratus Grey, Lunar Grey and cash, and Kyanite Blue and Red Salsa, which is unique to color XFR.

For an even more dramatic, combined with XF Black Pack aerodynamic package, launched the XF Diesel S earlier in 2010. This package contains a re-profiled front bumper, prominent black mesh grille and lower air intake and side muscle thresholds at XFR.

Extension Success Story XF

The growing range of exciting customization creates even more interest in the XF range, which has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide since its launch in 2008, and received over 60 international awards.

"XF continues to attract new customers to the Jaguar brand, and customization of these distinctive new packaging to extend the range of attraction, we are confident that the success story continues," said Geoff Cousins.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

2011 Mitsubishi ASX

Mitsubishi Motors extends the concept one step further (segment C), with the introduction of a younger brother and sport: the new Mitsubishi ASX compact crossover. Another "the world of motor regions" of Mitsubishi Motors and therefore specifies the name and consequently, Mitsubishi ASX was first released in Japan in February 2010 (as "RVR"). After its European premiere at the Geneva Motor Show 2010, will retail in Europe in spring 2010.

From concept to reality-CX ASX

They share the same images of "Blue Kawasemi" The introduction of color, the new Mitsubishi ASX concept represents a market of the CX-Car Show, was presented at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show, whose success has convinced the management to change MMC its real production machine.
More than about 20 cm (4.295 m against 4.11 m concept), slightly higher (+ 6.5 cm) and wider (+ 2 cm), and offers more vertical tailgate to create an optimal packing, Mitsubishi ASX Concept-hand anyway CX is the theme of basic design and its car-like non-slip position.

Suggested by the "Jet Fighter" grille open - a nod to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. F-2 fighter and now a brand of almost all vehicles Mitsubishi Motors Europe (Colt, Lancer and Outlander) - the car-like "attitude" was a key direction for Mitsubishi designers: not used for any commercial pressure to simulate an SUV look through heavy details (no need Pajero / Montero / Shogun and L200 within the range already. ..), have developed a vocabulary of less polarization Concept-cX is still strong, expressive and finely executed "door sports," with the appropriate range of substances.
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2010 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X FQ-400

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X FQ-400 is the fastest and most extreme version of the Mitsubishi Motorsport car. With 403bhp and torque 387lb.ft offer its advanced, lightweight aluminum 2.0-liter turbocharged MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control) gasoline engine with the FQ-400 has reached a standstill to 62 miles per hour in about 3 , 8 seconds before the electronically limited to 155 mph - allowing.

Traction and handling

Make sure that the power of CF-400 is a good use Mitsubishi's super sophisticated All Wheel Control (S-AWC) all-wheel drive system that appropriates the power to the wheels that can best be used, giving the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X FQ -400 absolutely sensational cross-country performance.

S-AWC system combines a number of electronic systems, which improves the performance of the FQ-400 and security with Active Stability Control and Active Center Differential, Active Yaw Control and Sport ABS provide Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X FQ-400 incredible ability cornering traction and grip. Depending on conditions, the driver can choose the most appropriate set up for the S-AWC system, three choices - Tarmac, gravel and snow - offered via steering wheel-mounted button and displayed in the cockpit central instrument.

Cornering stability

Increase the cornering ability FQ-400 is farther from his parents FQ have a wider track and lowered suspension characteristics Eibach springs and Bilstein shocks. Lightweight 18-inch alloy wheels fitted with nine spoke Toyo Tires PROXES R1R FQ-400 to improve grip, it gives the net response in the turns on the road and sharper steering. The agility and improved performance supported by a revised braking system that uses aluminum alloy and aircraft-grade liquid sealed discs grabbed by high performance pads.
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2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback Ralliart

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation will present the first International Exhibition of Cars, Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback at Le Mondial de l'Automobile 2008 (Paris Motor Show 2008) held in Halls 1.8 Paris Expo Porte de Versailles from October 2 (October 4, the general public ) on October 19. Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback will start this autumn as part of a gradual introduction of different countries in the region.
The company will also display the Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart and Lancer Sportback Ralliart models that are based on the Lancer sports sedan and Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback. These models are powered by a turbocharged engine mated to Mitsubishi's twin-clutch SST (sport shift transmission) and delivering power to all four wheels through an active center differential.

With its sloping nose, inverted trapezoidal grille that defines the Mitsubishi Motors design identity the sport Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback is a 5-door sports sedan, a body type that is very popular in Europe. The model is available in versions powered by 1.5 liter (109P) or 1.8-liter (143PS) engine or petrol engines of 2.0 liters (140 hp) turbo diesel. Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback offers an "auto-folding function" which enhances luggage compartment convenience through adjustable rear floor height and backrest can be tilted by a lever in the trunk. The series should be joined by a model powered by Mitsubishi Motors new diesel engine in spring 2009.

The Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart and Lancer Sportback Ralliart models use a new turbocharged 2-liter 4-cylinder DOHC MIVEC [maximum output 177 kW (240P), maximum torque 343 Nm (35 kgm)]. This engine is mated to Mitsubishi's high-efficiency dual-clutch SST transmission with an Active Center Differential, for extremely sensitive steering and traction through adjusting the amount of torque fed to each wheel to optimally according to driving conditions. It also helps to significantly increase the performance attributes of these cars based on the Lancer base model are 2-pot caliper front brake master cylinder and brake master.

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2011 Mitsubishi CUV

At the 2010 New York International Auto Show, Mitsubishi Motors has expanded the range of the Outlander family with the launch of an all-new crossover utility (CUV). Designed from the ground with a striking design and rigid, lightweight body, stylish crossover combines fuel economy with premium performance and stylish features. Use light, Dent resistant plastic body wing, regenerative braking and an increase in first-class aerodynamics, engineers have made fuel economy of 31mpg highway estimated large. Promotion of the list of new crossover additional service standard technologies such as Active Stability Control (ASC), the Hill Start Assist (HSA), electric power steering (EPS), a comprehensive seven airbags safety system, and an advanced high contrast LCD display panel.
Shoppers can also enjoy active LED accents and elegant panoramic glass roof available nine-speaker 710W Rockford Fosgate audio system and fuse the handsfree system.

Two court offered in the U.S. market in 2010: the school budget conscious with a 5-speed manual transmission as standard or high SE end, with a standard 6-speed CVT Sportronic magnesium alloy paddle. In all models is a fuel efficient 148hp MIVEC-equipped 2.0-liter four-cylinder. A CVT is available in ES trim and electronically controlled All Wheel Control (AWC) is available on SE models.

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1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta (series 750 and 101) was a compact car produced by Italian automaker Alfa Romeo from 1954 to 1965.

The first model was a coupe Giulietta, Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint, introduced in late 1954. This was followed by a sedan in spring 1955 to mid 1955, the opening of two seats Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider, with convertible bodywork by Pininfarina.
Used Alfa Romeo Giulietta Alfa Romeo Twin Cam engine of 1290 cc Straight-4 with a light alloy cylinder block and aluminum cylinder head with double overhead camshafts. The original Alfa Romeo Giulietta engine produced a power of 53 hp in the sedan and 80 bhp at the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint. This should be increased to 100 hp in later models such as sports Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale and the Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ (Sprint Zagato).

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1951 Alfa Romeo 1900

Alfa Romeo 1900 was a sports sedan designed by Orazio Satta for the company Alfa Romeo in 1950. It 'was the first Alfa Romeo car was built entirely on the production line.

1900 was offered a two-door models, or four-door, 1884 cc, 90 hp, 4-cylinder engine. It was spacious and simple, but quick and athletic. Alpha for sale with the slogan, it was a "family car that wins races," not so subtly referring to the success of the car at the Targa Florio, Edelweiss and other competitions. Production continued until 1959, a total of 21 304 were built.
The housing is designed specifically to allow the car manufacturers are the most important rebody is designed Zagaton, 1900 Super Sprint Coupe, with improved engine and custom frame.

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Alfa Romeo 158

The Alfa Romeo 158/159, also known as the Alfetta (Little Alfa Italian), is one of the greatest racing cars ever made success. The Alfa Romeo 158 and its derivative, the 159, had 47 wins against 54 major prizes. Originally developed for the pre-World War II, the formula for the purchase (1937) and has a 1.5 liter straight-8 supercharged. After the Second World War, the car was eligible for Formula One new feature introduced in 1947. In the hands of drivers like Nino Farina, Juan Manuel Fangio and Luigi Fagioli, who dominated the first two seasons of World Championship Formula One

The first version of this successful racing car, the Alfa Romeo 158, was carried out in 1937/1938. The primary responsibility for the design of Gioacchino Colombo.

The car's name refers to its 1.5-liter engine and eight cylinders. Voiturette class of racing cars from 1.5 liters, the same stand with regard to the principle of the "Grand Prix", the formula (usually a 3 liter engines) as the GP2 is Formula One today. Alfa Romeo 3-liter racing cars in 1938 and 1939 were the Type 308, 312 and 316
Alfa Romeo 158 made its debut with the Alfa Corse team is working with the Coppa Ciano junior in August 1938 in Livorno, Italy, where Emilio Villoresi took the first victory of the car. By the time 1479 cc engine produced about 200 hp (150 kW) at 7000 rpm. with the help of a single-stage Roots blower. More success came to Acerbo Coppa, Coppa Ciano and the Grand Prix of Tripoli in May 1940. Soon World War II stopped the development of the car for six years. After the war, the engine has been developed to bring out 254 hp (189 kW) in 1946.

In 1947, the Alfetta eligible for the new Formula One. The new rules allowed supercharged 1500 cc and 4500 cc aspirated engine. Alfa Romeo 158 has been changed again, this time to produce over 300 hp (220 kW) and has been hailed as the Alfa Romeo Tipo 158 / 47. The car makes debut in the tragic 1948 Grand Prix of Switzerland, where Achille Varzi has lost control of his car and was killed. Another loss for the team came in practice for the 1949 Buenos Aires Grand Prix, where Jean-Pierre Wimille was killed in an accident (driving Simca-Gordini).

The car has won all the races he has participated in 1950, it was incredible that a car had its inception in 1938, was so victorious. The team consisted of talented drivers such as Alfa Romeo Giuseppe Farina and Juan Manuel Fangio, the latter of whom went on to win the drivers' championship five times.

In the 1950 season, including an updated version known as the Alfa Romeo 159 has been produced.

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1923 Alfa Romeo RM Sport

Alfa Romeo RM was produced between 1923-1925, was based on the model RL. Car was first introduced in 1923 at Paris Motor Show, and total production was about 500 cars. Alfa Romeo RM had 2.0 L straight-4 engine that produces 40 hp to 48 hp. Like most Alfa Romeo, it was also used for racing. Three versions were made: Normal, Sport and Alfa Romeo RM Unificato. Sport raised compression ratio and Unificato had a longer wheelbase and the engine a bit larger. RM top speed was about 90 km / h (56 mph).

Alfa Romeo normal RM, 1944 cc 40 hp (1923)

Alfa Romeo RM Sport, 1944 cc, 44 HP (1924)

Alfa Romeo Unificato RM, 1996 cc 48 hp (1925)

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2009 Alfa Romeo 8C Spider

Alfa Romeo 8C Spider made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show 2008. As Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione, the Gran Turismo which received resounding global praise the new "discovery" will be produced in a limited edition of 500 copies.
Prepared by the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo, the new car again confirms the excellence of the brand in this sector, as evidenced by some spider considered among the most beautiful cars in global automotive history. Cars like the Giulietta Spider of the 50 or the legendary Duetto made famous by "The Graduate" from 1967 with a young Dustin Hoffman. Now turn the Alfa Romeo 8C Spider to take the stage and project future values ​​of technology and emotion which belong to the Alfa Romeo legacy.

It 'clear that the new vehicle inherits all the winning features of the coupe version. From the two "sport seats" setup and the fascinating exterior lines, which are characterized by sculpted and finely designed bodywork, "dress" the automotive and mechanical excellence of the model.

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