Tuesday, April 19, 2011

1970 Chevrolet Camaro Collection Review

The state of things was not too sad in 1970 itself. The new Camaro was released with great fanfare and success at the end of the year 1970 model. Most of the credit went to the new style, which was of European inspiration. Still based on Scotland, the new Camaro, two inches longer and had gates more than five inches, and is now only available as a coupe (not convertible). She had a new front suspension arm and insultation better sound. Under the hood, never the new project of 454 units and she has continued Camaro SS with the 350 and 396 engines. After January 1970, but 396 engines are no longer displaced 396 cubic inches. Chevrolet actually extended to 402 cubic inches, but the leaders decided to name the 396 to take advantage of name recognition and avoid the attention of insurance companies. RS option now included a free-standing grill, bumperettes twin, Endura rubber frame grill and parking lights between headlights and grille.

SS option included a black grille special hidden windshield, power brakes, tires engine trim, white-letter, chrome exhaust, and SS396 also came with panels painted in black trunk and a special suspension.

1970 Camaro was a big change of style. Gone was the old square shape to look more European. Chevrolet had some capacity problems and the car was not published until the end of February 1970. The new design was a success, but because of the production lot of short sales data does not truly represent the popularity of the 1970 Camaro.

As usual, the Rally Sport or RS package is available for all three models Camaro. Camaro RS option to include advanced security features to share bumpers, windscreen wipers hidden and RS symbols. Retail $ 165 package and added 27,136,124,901 Camaro, and was built in 1970.

Bottom Camaro could be either small or six-cylinder 307ci V8. The next step was the performance of a Super Sport or choose a 350ci 396ci V8. Camaro SS muscle car was a version of the trio. It 'been a solid performer in a straight line. For those interested in the course of the SS was a good balance between price and performance. The admission price was 10-15% less than the Z/28.

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